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470 Laser engraving machine

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Product parameters

BrandGuangYue LES    

Model: GY-470

Condition: New Laser

Cutting Thickness: 0-15mm( (Depending on the material

Cutting Area: 400x700mm

Lift range0-300mm

Cutting Speed: 0-3600m/min

Engraving speed:0-24000mm/min

CNC or Not: Yes

Cooling Mode: Water Cooling

Graphic Format Supported: AI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, LAS, PLT

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Certification: CE

After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

laser power: 50W/60W/80W/90W/100W

Laser Tybe: CO2 sealed off glass laser, wavelength 10.64um

Resolution: 1000DPI

Minimum Letter: Chinese 2mm,  English1mm

Support software: CorelDraw and shenzhou easy engraved

Motor: 42 Stepper motor

Power Voltage: AC 110-220V±10%,50-60Hz

Product features 

GY-470 Brand new updated model -multi-function laser engraving machine,front-back material feeding device,

manual material feeding bracket,separated control panel.

The six major advantage of perfection

Red positioning  

Adjustable laser energy

Communication monitoring

Water temperature control protection

Blowing flame retardant

Power off remember function


Product details

Digital display control panel

General all over the word,simple button,digital display,visual manlpulation,greatly improve the work efficiency.


European standard laser head

A precision metal mold laser, laser energy is adjustable, wear resistance, resistance to high temperature, 360°is adjustable.Have a red light positioning system, a positioning, convenient and quick.


Safety control switch

In operation, each switch with each other, work together to make it work safe, efficient and fast.


Famous brand laser tube

Famous brand laser tube, high power mode, fast cutting speed, small size, special protection rack, easy to adjust and accurate, comprehensive protection.


Axis of double Linear guide

It supports the load through the entire stroke length reduce the wear of the beam,and to ensure a better cutting precision.


Lifting platform

Knives platform/Honeycomb Platformchoose one


Power  distribution system

Porous socket, convenient and intimate, 220V power input, high sensitive leakage protector, ground wire access to more security.Meet eu market access standards.


30 cm electric lift system

The machine has 30 cm electric lift system to meet the processing requirements of high / thick products.


Medical rubber hose

GuangYue Laser cooling tube with medical rubber hose, soft and durable.


42 Step motor

Strong power, reliable performance, safe and fast, ensure the normal operation of the machine.


High-power axial flow fan

Cover the motor structure, strong power; Suction effect is excellent, impedance protection; High speed, low noise, durable.


Front-back material feeding device

European mirror frame

Adopts laser light frame, can choose imported reflector, long life, high precision.

Convenient material bracket

The bracket is strong and durable,easy to install and take apart.

Product size



Product packaging

Standard export package,free-fumigation plywood case 



1. ISO 9001:2008 certificates;

2. Alibaba. com Assurance Supplier;

3. CE certificates

4. FDA certificates...etc. 

Optionnal configuration

Special rotary

Can be engraved irregular cylinder material.

Automatically search the focal

According to the different material, can automatically search the focal length, it is suitable for the specified  machine type.

Cold water machine

Protect the laser tube for better work and extend the life of the laser tube.

Chuck rotation

Can carve various cylinder material, such as gourd, cup, etc.

Rotating rollers

It can engraving regular cylindrical material.

Laser warning

Laser is not visible in the laser working state, laser light illuminates the laser at work.

Applied materials

Applicable materials】Organic glass, acrylic, PVC material, leather,cloth,rubber, plastic, wood products,paper 

products, bamboo products, stone products and othe non-meterials.Ox horn, ivory, surface oxidized aluminum and so on.


Applicable industries】Organic glass, rubber sheet, leather, mould, template,products,handicrafts,advertising decoration,cloth,paper products, bamboo products, stone products, non-woven wool felt industry,tot drilling industryand 

the LOGO of each industry.

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